learnT conducts a course in Learning Technology & Digital Entrepreneurship for DTU students, students from other universities and continuing education students from industry.

Digital Learning Technology and Entrepreneurship

Why enroll in this course?

Would you like to:

  • Revolutionize teaching and learning?
  • Understand how we learn and how to improve the learning experience?
  • Understand how to make evidence about effective learning?
  • Know more about how to be an 
  • Improve teaching and learning and make learning more efficient and fun?
  • Help teachers to become better educators?
  • Build the best educational technology?
  • Enhance the teaching and learning experience for professionals and students?
  • Develop evidence-informed learning technology?

Everyone can benefit from evidence-informed EdTech (Educational Technology). Learners can become better at learning, teachers can become better at teaching, researchers can conduct more impactful research and developers can produce more effective technologies.

The course will build on the following topics: 

  • Digital learning technology 
  • Learning theory and learning design
  • Interaction design, design thinking and prototyping
  • Inspirational talks from experts and learning technology (EdTech) startups
  • User experience and user involvement
  • Analytical methods and research design
  • Learning analytics 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Make your own digital learning technology - Project work including:
      Feedback from a panel of experts
    Talks by former students
    Need for specific digital technology aspects and
    Student pitches

A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:


Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the use and affordances of digital learning technologies as a way to support teaching and learning
  • Explain theories of how to develop efficient and engaging digital learning and teaching technologies:
    • For example: the basic principles of learning theories, learning design theories, learning analytics, educational data mining, interaction design, game design, user experience and entrepreneurial thinking
  • Apply theories and methods from a range of the cross disciplinary field of digital learning technology design in the development of their learning technology: 
    • For example: learning theories, learning design theories, learning analytics, data mining, interaction design, game design, user experience and entrepreneurial thinking 
  • Design a digital learning technology as a concept and/or a digital prototype
  • Create a research design using relevant qualitative and quantitative research methods and carry out one or more small-scale co-design process and/or test of the learning technology with users (for example learners, instructors or management), in order to develop efficient learning and teaching processes with their learning technologies. 
  • Pitch the digital learning technology as a simple business model 
  • Communicate ideas and technical aspects in a clear and concise form


Report and Exam


  • The final assignment can for example be a description of, reflection on, and analysis of the following products or results:
    • A new learning technology/solution
    • Improvement of existing learning technology
    • A case study
    • Learning analytics for a specific learning technology
  • The product may be more concrete or more conceptual.


Students will hand in a 20-30 pages report (all inclusive) no later than 4thof December 2018 at 23.55. 


Each student will defend her/his report at the oral exam the 12thof December 2018.


Write the assignment in a form, that you yourself may find useful after the course.



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